Cool Bucket Hats with Pretty Skirts

In the hot summer, girls like to wear all kinds of beautiful skirts. Wearing skirts is not only very cool; summer is the right time for girls who have a good shape to show their slim waist and long legs. In addition to wearing a beautiful skirt in summer, girls must also wear sunscreen because most of our skin is exposed to the sun in the summer; it is easy to be sunburned, especially for those who love whitening is particularly important to do a good job of sun protection. In addition to applying sunscreen to the whole body, it is also necessary to use external tools.

Girls who do not want to use sun umbrellas may wish to consider choosing a bucket hat. Some people may ask if the BUCKET HAT looks good with the skirt. It is not difficult to imagine that a graceful lady wearing a variety of long skirts decorated with bucket hats. It is full of rich petty bourgeois sentiment, showing the fashionable and sexy women of the trend, but also the eccentric youthful vitality.

The bucket hat and short skirt are also very approachable in the fashion show. The fresh and casual bucket hat, plus over-sized striped shirt and beige A-line skirt are also very good-looking, which bring a strong visual sense of the collision of the clothing sector. It means that women are not only passionate and romantic but also have a distinct personalities.

This royal blue bucket hat with a blue gauzy skirt makes the bucket hat look less awkward, and the gauzy dress is paired with a letter-printed three quarter sleeve T-shirt. The gauzy skirt is light in texture and it must be very comfortable and cool to wear in summer. The royal blue bucket hat echoes the model’s lip makeup, and the purple earrings and the bucket hat set off against each other. The overall construction is very harmonious.

It has appeared in the high fashion show. The bucket hat with skirt is also a continuation of the season’s fashion in the street.

The classic black bucket hat with a navy blue and black spots slip dress is a perfect match. The slip dress is very casual with a classic black bucket hat. The retro-styled bucket hat adds a touch of elegance to the casualness, and shows a unique Italian romantic style, which is very intriguing. The red and black spots slip dress is full of passion and happiness, matching with a light tan bucket hat, which shows a gentlewoman style. The bucket hat adds a leisurely atmosphere to the resort. This combination shows a sense of femininity.

The fashion-seeking people have already captured the theme of incorporating the retro feeling into the young personality. The bucket hat that has been reintroduced into the fashion circle and it has become the hottest item. The bucket hat and the skirt are the main wear for fashion women.

For girls who love beauty and want to be cool and comfortable in summer, it’s perfect to wear a bucket hat with a skirt.

Choose a Suitable Hairstyle for Your Bucket Hat

The bucket hat is popular among young people in recent years. Whether it is used for sun protection or for pose when we take pictures, it will make us look fashionable and cool. For boys, they only need to choose a suitable bucket hat to match their own clothes. While for our girls, we should not only consider choosing a good-looking bucket hat but also to choose an appropriate hairstyle for wearing the bucket hat.

Different hairstyles matching a bucket hat presents different styles of us. We must choose a bucket hat that suits us, and choose a hairstyle that is suitable for us to wear a hat. In this way, the bucket hat matches with a suitable hairstyle will be more colourful and more beautiful. A good-looking hairstyle allows us to wear a bucket hat to show our different charm. Now let’s take a look at some simple hairstyles to pair with a bucket hat.

  1. Double ponytails with the yellow bucket hat

This hairstyle is trendy, exciting, and makes us look younger. It is a perfect hairstyle for wearing a bucket hat with a simple and casual style, especially with this eye-catching yellow bucket hat. Girls have no too long hair can perm and then roll up into two ponytails, which looks sweet and cute. Besides it is very simple and easy to tie up with just two rubber bands. The girls who wear this bucket hat with double ponytails are very lovely and cute. This yellow bucket hat makes you look more impressive and attractive because it has a very good whitening effect.

2. Short curly brown hair with a classic black bucket hat

It is very convenient for girls who have short hair to wear a hat. Short-haired girls can wear hats at will, but there is no guarantee for them to look good in a bucket hat. If you don’t want to wear to be so well-regulated, you can slightly curl the hair into a roll and divide your hair into two sides. If you want to be personalized, it is best not to have the same amount of hair on both sides. You can leave more hair on one side and the other is less. Thus, this black bucket hat not only modifies your face to make it look small but also show a good outline of your chin. Girls who prefer this neutral style can try this hairstyle. 

3. Long straight hair with the bucket hat

For a long-haired girl who doesn’t want to wear hair with dishevelled hair, it’s good to casually tie a ponytail on one side like the picture. It looks very relaxing and energetic. If you have long straight hair, you can tie it up randomly, but be careful not to tie it too low and let it fall naturally on your shoulders, so as not to put too much burden on your head. It is very handsome for wearing a black bucket hat.

4. The perm with flaxen ripples with black bucket hat

The bucket hat is perfect for long hair. Remember to split hair and keep the balance of the amount of hair on both sides. You also can slightly curl the hair to be stylish and elegant. It is more suitable for girls who want to be a young lady.

In general, choosing the right hairstyle with a nice bucket hat can add women’s charm. You can design your own hairstyle that suits you according to your hair length and then wear a good-looking bucket hat.

Popular Bucket Hats in 2019 Summer

The sun is getting more and more dazzling in May. In addition to wearing fashionable and convenient outerwear, you also need a hat to protect you from the sun. The hat is more favoured by young girls than the sun umbrella.

In recent years, the bucket hat is not only able to shade but also plays a decorative role. As a fashion item in the fashion world, the bucket hat is favoured by many stars and hipsters. At the airport, you can see the stars wearing a variety of bucket hats to hide from the paparazzi or to pose when they take photos. Many young men and women also wear bucket hats in various styles on the street.

The hat is more favoured by young girls than the sun umbrella. So what kind of bucket hat is popular this year? Let’s take a look at some kinds of bucket hats which make women look younger and more beautiful.

  1. Bright yellow bucket hat

Colourful summer is best for bright colours. In the summer, yellow represents sunshine and youthful spirit, so yellow and summer is a perfect match. Summer is also the best time for us to wear bright-coloured clothing. Yellow is a colour in a very high degree of saturation, which is bright and youthful, full of vigour and vitality. In the hot summer, yellow can let you easily stand out from the rest and to make you become the most dazzling presence. This very eye-catching bright yellow bucket hat will make you look younger than before. Although the layout of the hat is simple, the bright colour is enough to show fashion, and the simple colour is not easy to be outdated. It’s very stylish to match a white T-shirt or other casual wear.

2. White canvas frayed bucket hat

This white canvas frayed bucket hat manifests your personalities. The splicing design of the hat and the brim design of the hat with canvas edging are two highlights of this hat. This bucket hat presents your youthful vitality. The hat is perfect for all kinds of clothes in summer. White is always the mainstream colour in summer. A bucket hat can be matched with all your wear, and the light-coloured hat will be cooler and more comfortable than a bright-coloured hat. Although the white bucket hat looks very common, if you wear it rightly, you will be stylish and your personality will be presented perfectly. The summer white bucket hat with a T-shirt of the same colour will keep you cool in summer. For some people who admire the minimalist lifestyle, this hat is just the one for them.

3. Denim blue bucket hat

Denim blue bucket hat is also very popular in this year, and this hat is made of denim fabrics. This hat has a circle of lines on it, which is very three-dimensional and fashionable. The denim bucket hat looks more shaped than the ordinary bucket hats. Moreover, the waterproof function is better than normal hats. It gives you more space to show fashion. The colour of the hat is not so bright, therefore, it will give others a calm and low-key feeling.