Best Ideas for Women to Wear a Bucket Hat

A hat can often add some extra style to your overall look especially for women who want a hat to be an extension of their outfit. Women often wear a hat because they don’t want to comb even wash their hair. There are many kinds of hats in the market, and it is hard to choose the right type of hat. For example, a baseball cap is very suitable for some sports; a felt hat is a little too formal, there is another hat between the two of them, it’s called bucket hat.

As we all know, bucket hats for women have a variety of designs, shapes, colors and styles. For women, they want a hat that can not only protect them from the sun but it also can be a decoration to their overall look, and latter one is the most important point. Therefore, you must learn how to match the hat with your clothing to make you look great.

  • Black Bucket Hat with Black T-shirt & Blue Denim Jeans

A bucket hat can cover your eye brows and it is creating a relatively low profile, plus with a pair of sunglasses which make you look very stylish and cool.

You can simply wear a black T-shirt with blue denim pants. Complete the outfit with a black bucket hat and a pair of sneakers.

  • Grey Camisole with White Floppy Bucket Hat

For those who pursue a casual and simple style outfit, here is one that you can easily try. For the top, you can wear a grey camisole. Pair it with black skinny jeans and white sneakers. Finally, you can wear a white floppy bucket hat to add a stylish feeling to your look.

This floppy bucket hat has proven to be crushable which means you can fold it and put it into your bag or your pocket when you are not wearing the hat.

  • Blue Dotted Skirt with the Same-colored Bucket Hats & High-heeled Shoes

This outfit completely shows an elegant image of a woman. For girls who like to wear dress or skirts, you can try this kind of outfit. If you wear a blue dotted bucket hat and a pair of sunglasses, plus a beautiful skirt, the overall look is cool and stylish.

This outfit’s style is not too casual, thus you can wear them to take part in parties or other interesting activities, such as shopping or hanging with friends.

  • Black Bucket Hat with Striped Long T-shirt & Blue Skinny Jeans

If you like a casual and stylish look, you can wear a striped long T-shirt with blue skinny jeans, plus a black bucket hat would be better for your outfit.

This outfit is very suitable for your everyday wear. For the shoes, you can just wear a pair of sneakers to add some extra casual feeling.

  • Blue Striped Bucket Hat with Striped Grey Shirt & Light Blue Denim Jeans

This outfit is very casual and stylish for you can wear a light grey striped shirt with blue denim jeans, plus a light blue striped bucket hat. It is full of modern style and you will feel comfortable to wear.

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