Modern Hat Etiquette

In the past, men were required to remove their hats as soon as they crossed the threshold of a house or public building, while women were to remove their hats if they blocked the view of someone else. At that time, it was a very practical and good rule. Whether you think it’s an outdated rule or not, many people still follow it out of politeness. It is still applied to many kinds of hats, such as baseball caps, bucket hat, beret, fedora and other hats.

As time goes on, the world has become more casual, and even if hats aren’t a problem, there’s nothing wrong with taking them off indoors, especially when you’re in the era when that was the thing to do. Most people accept indoor hat wearing, but some old-fashioned people who still can’t accept the modern hat rules.

The hat was originally designed to keep the head warm, as well as to protect it from the sun and to keep dust out of one’s eyes. A man should take his hat off to prevent dust on the hat from getting on the furniture or floor when he enters a room. Now the hat is not just for practical use, it’s also a fashion statement.

Here are the most important things that men should consider when removing their hats:

When you visit a friend or family member, take off your hat in their home to show respect. Don’t put on your hat until you leave someone’s house. Find a place near the door where you can hang your hat. This will help you remember where the hat is, and you are less likely to lose it.

When in public places, including restaurants, shopping malls, schools, offices, churches, and any other places, it’s fine to wear a hat indoors if necessary. If you’re working outdoors, like at a construction site, or working high above the ground, it is necessary to wear a hat to protect you from the sun and keep the glaring sunlight out of your eyes.  

During the national anthem, you must take off your hat and wait until it is over. This rule applies both indoors and outdoors.

You may wonder if you can put on your hat for some occasions. And the answer is yes. Here are some times and places where you can leave your hat on.  

(1) You can wear a hat when watching a sporting event indoors or outdoors unless your hat is blocking the view, and you have to remove it.

(2) If you are a hat wearer, you can also wear a hat on a train or bus.

(3) When the weather gets cold, you need a hat to keep you warm, but you should remove it when you are indoors.

(4) At a casual gathering, no one cares about the rules, so you can wear a proper hat.

(5) Wear a hat to protect your head when you’re riding a horse on a dusty trail.

These rules of hat etiquette may have become less important, but some people still follow these rules. And the old rules still apply to some formal occasions. Knowing when and where to wear a hat can help bring back some semblance of social etiquettes, which will cross over into other aspects of our lives.

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