Golden Rules of Wedding Hat Etiquette

If you dream of wearing a fascinator or hat at your wedding, make sure it matches your outfit. Remember, you’re wearing a headpiece at your wedding, not on any other occasion. Choose a style that ultimately makes you comfortable and one complements your shape and height. If you are tall, you can go for a larger and wider brimmed hat. If you are short, a smaller structured hat would be appropriate.

There are several golden rules of wedding hat etiquette that everyone who wears a hat should obey so that to show respects to the bride and groom.

It is an established rule in all social occasions that guests should never outshine their hosts. If you only allow certain types of headpieces at your wedding, make sure your guests know what types of hats or fascinators they can wear. Remind your guests don’t wear hats that drown their head and shoulders in picture. You’d better let them know any dress code requirements at least six weeks prior to the wedding day.

When you decorate a hatband or your bridal headpiece with flowers, feathers or other embellishment, remember that traditionally women decorate hats on the right side and men always stick to the left.

The time of day your guests are wearing hats for the wedding should directly affect their choice of hats. As a rule of thumb, the size of the hat should decrease over time. There is no need to wear a hat with a large brim in the morning or evening when the sun is not out. It looks extravagant and ostentatious.

Hats are fashion accessories and are part of women’s outfits. So ladies don’t have to take their hats off when going indoors. The groom and best men may wear top hats at the wedding. In addition to taking their hats off indoors, they should also remove them when speaking to a lady, in particular, their new mother-in-law. It is a sign of respect that’s been passed down from generation to generation. On the contrary, gentlemen should take off their hats especially in religious buildings. That means no top hats in churches or inside the reception venues even for photographs.

The mother of the groom should always choose a wedding hat which is smaller than the hat of the bride’s mother. If the couple is organizing the wedding, then both mothers can choose equally grand creations.  

There is one rule especially for gentlemen and mothers, is that it is considered impolite to show the inside lining of your hat. Always make sure only the outside is visible when you remove, tip, or take off your hat. If you take off your hat for any reason, hold it with the lining facing towards your torso. The mother of the bride dictates when other women can remove their hats and fascinators. All the other ladies have to keep their hats on until she takes it off.    

Although not all wedding ceremonies require men and women to wear hats or fascinators, you should know the golden rules about wedding hat etiquette. Just like casual hats cannot be worn on formal occasions, such as the bucket hat is only suitable for casual sports.

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